Niesha Davis

For the past few years, Niesha Davis has established herself in the digital media industry as a versatile media professional.  A two-time Donny award winner, Niesha is a real Jill-of-all-trades working as a junior editor, compositor, analyst, administrative assistant, digital restoration operator, comedy writer and performer since graduating from Centennial College’s Broadcasting & Film program.

Niesha Davis is also a Toronto-based copywriter and amateur stand up performer.  She has written for multiple online publications including Comedy Uncovered, Makeup Alley and Yelp.  Niesha has gained an online following after her Schnitzel Queen review was featured on the viral web series, Real Actor’s Read Yelp where it remains one of the most popular videos of the brand.

Niesha currently resides in Toronto with her two cats who don’t really get along but she remains optimistic that they will work things out.